Thanks for dropping in! Here you can find information about Gonzalo's career with links to his resume, Headshot, photos, videos and plenty of updates.

After an incredibly successful Off-Broadway run in New York City, “Exquisita Agonia” by Pulitzer Prize winner, Nilo Cruz, Gonzalo won the H.O.L.A award for “Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor” for the role of Tommy.

H.O.L.A award recipient for “Outstanding Achievement in Production Design: Stage Combat choreography” for his work in “Valor Agravio y Mujer”


Oliver Mann's Feature Film "Such A Funny Life" has entered final stages of Post-Production. More Details soon!

The final poster for "Such a Funny Life"

The final poster for "Such a Funny Life"

"Consensual" has had spectacular reception by critics and audiences world wide. It won the platinum award for best short at the Los Angeles Film Awards.


Muted Walls a short film he co-wrote and starred in is starting its festival circuit run. 

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